Wednesday, December 23, 2009

can't be me who has the problem. Right?

I'm at Benjamins familys house.
I tried not to.
"Sorry baby, have to work over Christmas"
Forgot about Flora and Benjamins friendship and that Flora can't lie.
Or wont.

I'm here now.
Turns out, Benjamins folks are huggers.
(They like to hug people. All the time. And touch them.)

And yes, I think they are trying to kill me.
I saw this movie called "Feed" about a psychopat who killed women bye feeding them to death.
And it feels like that what they are aiming for.
Son of Jesus they want me to eat all the time.
5 more days.
Only 5 more days.
If you don't hear from me, you know why.

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  1. Come on!! Don't be dramatic!! I'm sure they are just welcoming you to the family... Just because you think you shouldn't eat, that doesn't mean that other people can't enjoy food... I mean, most of the time when people get together they eat, right? They don't want to kill you, don't worry... Why would they want to do that? Maybe to cook you? You don't really have much meat on you... :p And if you find out they really do, just escape and come find me here in Buenos Aires... I'll give u shelter... lol
    Merry Xmas!!!! And a very very very happy new year! (Keep taking pics! I love them!!) =)


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