Sunday, December 13, 2009


When other people dream that they are chased by something terrible, and that they are running, trying to get away (but they just cant)
I dream that I'm trying to beat someone up.
But the punches have no strength in them.
The blood should flow but does'nt.
The person I beat is totally unaffected.
Then I wake up. Sweaty.


  1. The dream means you are trying to get their attention, not trying to hurt them.

  2. ahhh i have those dreams all the time, ever since i moved to LA. i don't know what they're about. they're so infuriating. i just want to know what it feels like to actually connect my fist with someone's face and not have it get all heavy and slide away.

    (i know you wrote this a while ago but i was reading through your blog and this jumped out at me. no one understands me when i try to explain these dreams.)

    and i love your blog, by the way :D

    xx x


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