Sunday, December 6, 2009


I am quiet.
I'm sorry.

I met someone.
His name is Benjamin.

Benjamin is a old friend to Flora.
Or, maby not very old.
He's 22.
How they became friends is a mystery to me.
I guess he just really likes coffee and old ladies, and she likes boys with big eyes and guitars.
I don't mean it like that! Perverts.

I did't think I liked boys.
Specially boys with guitars.
But I really like Benjamin.
Or, I love him. Lovelike. Likelove.

There you have it.


  1. Just enjoy him!! Don't think too much... Is the thinking that get us women in trouble... Really: JUST ENJOY HIM!! You will have time to think later! And hey! ENJOY doesn't mean fuck him... Just look at him, listen to him, talk to him... And tell us later on... ;)

  2. I'm so so so happy for you, girl.

    I think that's exactly what you need.

    [after all, that's all that every girl needs...]


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