Friday, January 1, 2010

And because it's so much fun

Over the holidays I spent alot of time with Benjamin (♥) and his family.
Although they all (of course) are great I could'nt help but to feel like the odd one out.
Benjamin tells me he's got it all now.
A great family, a promising future and, well, me.
The girlfriend. His girlfriend.

I'm not the last piece in his collection.
I'm not a sweet girl, the future mother of his kids.
I'm a murderous, unstable, unsecure girl from Sweden who works at a cafeteria and get's raped on TV because I think it's good for my career.


  1. you know what, s?
    This guy kind of gives me the creeps already ...

  2. svar; nämen åh, tack tack tack hörredu! :*
    du kan vara gullpaj!

    som dessutom verkar ha ett mycket mer spännande liv än vad jag själv har;
    bor du i LA eller vad är det jag läser?
    (och med ens blev jag nyfiken)

  3. Kim: That's alright. In a way, I understand you.
    Malin: Jo jag bor i Siverlake, LA.


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