Tuesday, January 5, 2010

On set, day 1.

Yesterday I worked my first day (of 4) on that Crime series I told U about earlier.
Met a bunch of stressed, nice people. The headofmakeupman and me bonded. He told me I had pretty eyebrows. How can U not love a person that gives yout eyebrow-compliments?
(Benjamin did'nt like it though, he kept repeating "What's this guys name? What's this guys name?", freak)

I did'nt do much.
Held my breath and stared mostly.
Tomorrow I'm going back to the café but the day after tomorrow we are going to do the rape-shoots. Oh, I really hope that the actor that is going to rape me is a good guy.


  1. ofc benjamin didn't like it... boys will forever be boys.

  2. well at least you're not playing a corpse dear!glad you're doing well, in a relative world
    küsslein, miri

  3. vilka ord vilken bild vad ditt liv är spännande!

  4. Aurora: Well, I guess that is true.
    Lewisia: Me to!
    Miri: Well, actually I am. First raped, then dead.
    Ororhjärta: Puss!!

  5. me too! creepy pic! and hey, long time, no? XXX, Kim

  6. Yes! Let's meet up! After work tomorrow?


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