Sunday, January 24, 2010

And if you ever leave before I wake I will follow you in dreams.
A snake around yout feet, your arms, your neck.
Sleeping in your hair at day chasing all your fears away at night.
Nothing's right and nothing's wrong, just as long as you will stay.
But if you decide to disappear without a trace, don't save a single kiss of me.
I will search and find a thousand seas to drown my memories of you swaying hair like seaweed.
Dolphins wear your smile fishes lips as soft as breasts.
Everything weighs less in water, even grief.

So if you want to leave me, leave, but do it just the way a tear drops into the sea.


  1. Leave and disappear. Hmm... that would be easier. I love the line "just the way a tear drops into the sea." It says everything for the piece.

  2. I just made me a perfect cup of coffee for me and my brother. Ohh. Coffeegasm!!!haha!

  3. oh signe dear. you are so lightweight but you fall so heavily,.


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