Sunday, January 24, 2010

If it was a bad breakup?

I guess you could say that.

But hey.
I'm ok.

And you should see the other guy.


  1. Are you telling us that Benjamin hit you because he found this blog? Is that right? Or did I miss somethng else????? WTF?

  2. Juliana: Well, he didnt hit me. But he did..that. And it was not just because of my blog. It was that whole breaking up part.

  3. i dont get it. he didnt hit you or did he? how did he not hit you but he did that? what the fuck is going on? from a perspective of someone who grew up in a violent home im confused and a little angry right now because a man should never ever ever hit a woman. ever. ever ever ever. im so sorry this happened but what the fuck? i hope your wounds are healing. inside and out.

  4. i m so sorry 4 benj..fucker he must have been...

  5. he's a jerk.
    he can't hurt you like that.
    OH that makes me SO angry!


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