Wednesday, February 24, 2010


If today was not an endless highway and last night a wild and winding path
if tomorrow did not not feel so infinite then loneliness is a word that doesnt exist

But only if my love is waiting if I hear his heart softly beating if he only was this close to me
I can be the one I was yesterday

I cant see my reflection in the water
I cant say careless words
I cant hear my echo beat the street
Cant remember who I was yesterday

There is beauty in the river's silver songs, there is beauty in the dawn sun but when I look at my beloved's eye
A beauty greater than anything that I know


  1. It's true...there's nothing like it....

  2. beautiful beautiful as ever...

    ok!! so here are some hints. while i work up some courage to face the hipsters.
    1. i drive by your cafe many times a day, not because i am creepy, but because i am a dog walker and have clients all over SL.
    2. there is a rectangular sign on the side of my car.
    3. my car is blue.
    4. i am told i have a scandinavian bone structure. is this true? my grandparents were swedish and finnish, so i imagine so.

    now: tell me the name of the dog walking company i work for and i will brave the hipsters and come in to get coffee and find you.

    xx x

  3. I heart your posts! Simply amazing.

  4. So sweet. Absolutely love it.

    Much love,


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