Sunday, February 7, 2010

young love.

You know how different seasons and how they smell can bring you back to a certain emotion, immediately you go back to the memory of specific event?

I was 9.
It was dinner with steak and Vienetta for dessert on Sundays, the longing for a summer vacation that never wanted to come and I was in love with a boy.
Micke. Micke. Micke. Micke.
He had the coolest bicycle and brown eyes.
For a whole lifetime I had been in love with Mike.
At least half a year anyway.
We would get married but we would not have children, only 2 rabbits.

One day I found a note on my bench.
"Do u want to be my girrlfriend? From Micke"
My heart pounded. I almost died.
I became all red and warm.
YEEEEES! I wanted to scream but instead I wrote
"Yes, okay you can"

On the next break Mike's friend Andreas came to me.
I did not like him very much because had a studder and long nails.
Andreas told me that he accidentally put Mickes note on the wrong bench. The right bench was Annikas bench.
He asked if I could ask Annika to be Mickes girlfriend for him.
I did.
She said yes.


  1. you have so many stories. I never remember them, maybe my subconscious works too effectively.

  2. heartbreaking story and your writing is beautiful enough to capture it. someday somewhere a Micke will mean that note for you.

    xx x

  3. ahh, the irony of life. don't worry dear.. i have done this and been dissapointed many times.. funny when you think about it.. the small nutcrackers in life :D

  4. cute story. i love your prose. happy birthday signe! i hope you have a year much better than the last. i hope you find your own personal happiness and peace. i hope you surround yourself with new and old friends who care very much about you. i wish you all the luck and lovelyness and the faith and hope in the world! have a great one! xoxoxo

  5. hi Signe, just found your blog. i must say i really like your blog. you're such a good writer, and this story is great! heartbreaking, yes, but you wrote this in a very captivating way.

    i'm now a follower :)
    see you round!

  6. just beautiful photography ... i really love it!

    btw: digging the new header, xx

  7. Beautiful and heartbreaking. :)

  8. This breaks my heart, I might have to link to it. And yes, I'm feeling a bit better now, thank you for asking


  9. i have never heard anyone else say that the change of seasons can bring back certain feelings. every time the seasons change i get a huge case of deja vu. crazy!

    this story makes me sad. that feeling of heartbreak is so intense. )=:



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