Thursday, February 18, 2010

until now, part 1

My name is Signe.
About 6 months ago I moved to Silverlake from Sundsvall Sweden.
I did it to find happiness.
To be somebody.
To find Hope. (click on the link people, I am not talking about hope. I'm talking about Hope.)
To get away from some bad people.
To see the sun.

I live in a small apartment close to my job at Floras cafe´.
I go to as many auditions that I can. Movies, commersials, theater plays, model jobs, whatever.
A while ago a met a boy. His name was Benjamin. We fell in love.
I met his family. They touched me. (Not my soul. My body)
Me and Benjamin were a lovely couple. We really were.
He was very kind to me. Then we had a fight. He found my blog. We had another fight. He became very jealous. His eyes went black. So did my body. Black and blue.
We broke up.

I made some friends.
They made out with each other.
And lately, as it turns out also with each others boyfriends.


  1. I like the way you put your word together. Very simple, and beautiful.
    I hope you find Hope soon!

  2. You truly are Lovely. Benjamin is cruel. & your friends are something else.

  3. oh my god that last bit made me laugh. i love your words.

    the game, phase 2: i know what cafe it is you work at. the answer was basically put in front of me--do not worry, i did not even have to stalk you. the problem is, i am afraid of hipsters. hipsterophobia. so i cannot say i will be coming by any time soon. sad. well i will look for you as i drive by if you will be sitting on the curb and smoking. and maybe if i see you then i'll tell you what my car looks like and you can look for me. :D

    xx x

  4. S,
    You are so amazing and strong. Stronger than you realize. You'll find your inner Hope sooner than you know. Oh, and the make out thing, happens..
    Much love,

  5. I like your style of writing. Beautiful.

  6. You write so well.
    And Benjamin is just cruel. I think you're better off without him.

    Love Jen xx

  7. svar; men PUSS på dig och jag blev glad av ditt svar för vore du proanorexia så skulle jag komma och bita dig i örat.

    hur behandlar du dig själv?

    var snäll mot dig själv,
    don't make your mama cry, signe.

  8. Min fru är från Hudiksvall. Du hade ställt dig på Flowers of Sulfur (jag skriver där), det var så jag hittade dig. Det måste vara ett stort steg från Sundsvall till LA. Jag tyckte du har en intressant blogg. Visade något utöver det vanliga.

  9. Anise: Oh! How very exiting!! Can't u leave me a note then? With words u cut out from a magazine? =) I love this.
    Jen: I think so to.
    dan Andrea: well put.
    Lovisa: PUSS!
    Josie: Thank you. I hope so to.
    Among trees: thank you!
    tywo: <3

  10. Your eyes are too big and bright to become invisible. And then things so thin, light and almost invisible do not fly, but are transported by wind. That engine instead of passion that I read in your lines speaks of flight, not of ferry ... You can become invisible with things that do not interest you, that we do not love, who do not care about us, that are too far apart ... never too invisible to ourselves. A foreign friend. Bye


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