Wednesday, February 10, 2010


If I could choose a superpower.
It would be invisibility.
Fuck flying, be really really strong, being able to teleport, and everything else.
I'd take invisibility over them any day.
That's kind of weird coming from a girl who just wants to be seen, don't you think?

What would you choose?


  1. Link to 'young love' is up. Seriously, I almost cried.

    And my superpower would have to be flight. I imagine it would be so very lonely but so very beautiful being high above the world.


  2. i totally agree with you. i want to be seen too, but i wish i could be invisible all the time.. weird, maybe, but true.

  3. I'd pick immortality. I have too many different lives I want to live and not enough time to live them in. I'd have to be immortally young though, getting old terrifies me x

  4. not weird. you are hiding behind your roles, behind the characters you play. you put on their mask and you disappear for a while. it's almost no different than me rarely leaving my apartment or telling no one all your secrets. the more you see someone on screen, the less you know about them, anyway. you are just hiding in plain sight, that's all. :D

    for me it is always a tug-of-war between invisibility and telekinesis. obviously i want to hide and disappear all the time but i'm also all about the mind. maybe also because i'm pretty sure i was jean grey in a former life.

    xx x

  5. Hey Signe,

    Love your blog.

    A "genuine" response.

    I already possess a super human power Signe, that being X-Ray vision. I say that only because I can see right through people.

    ..Signe, Origin?


  6. Being able to predict things. I want to know what is going to happen before it actually happens. But then, life would be boring without the surprises, and disappointments.

  7. Mind reading.

    No doubt about it.

    I wish for it every day even though I *know* superpowers aren't real.

  8. Probably to be able to hypnotize people to do my bidding like a vampire. Oh the games I'd play.

  9. We all have our alter egos. I used to bartend and I became a totally different person behind the bar....I want amazing health and vigour...the ability to climb mountains,, surf big waves, have tons of fun, never get a hangover, and sleep like a baby.

  10. Thanks for following me! Now you have "Another fucking follower!"

  11. Att synas & att bli sedd 2 skillda ting...L.O.V.E

  12. I can only pick one superpower? Damn! I want to fly, to have telekinesis, to be able to read minds and to do everything that I don't know how to do now (like swim or ride a bike... I know, I'm useless...)

  13. Jag skulle valja formagan att transportera mig sjalv med en blinkning, vartsomheslt i hela varlden.

    Signe, din blogg ar vacker.

  14. turn back time. I know its lame,but i really wish i can turn back time.

  15. time travel - travel back and forth through time

    Funny coming from me... My "motto" is "never look back.. always Forward!" That is my "shield" in a way I guess....


  16. Åh nej. Nu blir jag ledsen. som attan.


    Säg inte att du är pro-ana? :(

    (och jag som trodde att du var.. en människa, en sund människa med aptit på livet)

    snälla rara, säg att det inte är så som jag är rädd att det är.

  17. Och skulle jag ha en superhjälteförmånga så vore det att göra alla lyckliga; att genom ett trollslag få alla på hela jorden att glömma bort sina bekymmer, att kunna trolla bort allt vad ångest, vikthets och skönhetsideal heter.

  18. Malin:

    Pro-vadsadu? Anorexi? Nej för helvete. Vem fan är proanorexi? Hur kan man vara för det? Kan man vara procancer också? Eller hivpro? Trams.


  19. Thanks for following me :) I am following you too :) Interesting and different blog :)

  20. i'd want to read minds, but i fear i might hate it after just a few minutes.


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