Wednesday, February 3, 2010

words 2

Today I'm over Benjamin.

I think I really did love him dearly, but fuck that.
I loved the time we spent together but I don't care anymore.
He destroyed our evenings, mornings, nights and days.
I lost him, he made me loose him.
He lost me.

He was wonderful though. And the way he effectively managed sometimes to made me feel was even better.
But he does not know me anymore I am somebody else.
He created her.

No more crying.
I wash my mind clean and press away that strong something in my chest as I breathe.


  1. Dearest Signe

    Your words, your sublime body, your bruises,

    the gorgeous flimsy dresses, the erotic images,

    the apple and the flowers, I must admit that I'm

    deeply curious ... Please, indulge my insatiable

    curiosity and tell me how Benjamin sometimes

    made you feel?



  2. Hugs girl, been there- no more crying, just wine drinking. ;)

  3. i don't know whybut i like your blog...:)

  4. i don`t know why but i like your blog:)

  5. You dont know why? =)
    Because its fab of course!

  6. thanks so much for the follow, dear. i'm following back.

    and i like your style. no tears, love!

  7. Thanks for earlier hun. I should have stayed longer.

  8. Avy: Yeah, you should have! Wonderful to see you. <3 (Flora thought u were lovely)

  9. good for you, although you may love him.
    your doing the right thing for you.

  10. Aww lady, thank you for the sweet comment. It made my day.

    I agree with Chelsea. No crying, yes wine. And bubble baths. And dancing to your favourite tunes in your underwear! At least, that was my solution.

    Chin up, girl! Stay strong! xo

  11. loving your blog.

    are these self-portraits?

    would love to know.

    also, am i seeing a tampon silhouette?

    i sure as fuck i hope so b/c this is going to be really awkward if i didn't. and it would be a fab touch of detail. i'm serious.

  12. happiness is not the absence of problems but the ability to deal with them. stay strong (:

  13. On behalf of all women everywhere - Love this blog! :) "He Created Her" - I've been there and it was awful. I lost myself to him. But becoming free and becoming me again was the most amazing thing!

  14. Thank you guys! <3
    Freckletree: Hahahahaha!! You made my day. I don't know actually. I hope so.


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