Friday, February 5, 2010

some people

Sometimes it feels like people gets stuck on you.
Sticks firmly like glue.
Touching one's body.
Grabbing one's soul.
Unwanted guests who crowd into your head and reality.
You try to get rid off them but they have barbs, and will not disappear.
Such people never disappear.
You can only get rid of Such people if you disappear yourself.

Then you can kill them with full force.


  1. For what is worth, I don't think you are a "loony, unstable bitch". And I don't think all the other people who read your blog thinks that... The people who matter, that is... ;)
    Just keep writing and taking lovely pics like you do. There are some people who enjoy visiting your blog. And for the ones who don't: ignore them... Is the only way they disappear. If you ignore them long enough, they just get tired and go away...
    But please, keep writing!! I love your blog! =)
    Kisses and hugs,

  2. I love your blog.
    You are right. I try to get certain people out of my life, but they keep coming back.

  3. i love your blog - evocative and insightful - thank you!

  4. i don't even know you but i want to. you seem like you keep a lot inside. leave it all behind.. it will eat you up. i'm getting a misanthropic vibe from your blog, and i hear you (even though i can't really haha). have faith, and hope, as you write about, there are people out there who want to care about you. people are not all bad nor good. we're all flawed, and that makes us human. lord knows i've been fucked over. we all have.. but the real key lies in taking the risk and letting people in. no one leaves life unscathed. if you need someone please just reach out. life isn't worth living by yourself. i hope you are slowly letting go of all the bad shit in your life. you're young and there's a whole world full of opportunity out there. keep it strong.

    underneath all the crazy lady death threats (haha i mean that in the nicest way possible) i can tell there's a lovely girl who just needs some good friends. ps part of the reason i keep coming back to this blog is the power in your words... something about it is so eloquent and haunting and lovely. look into poetry!

    one more thing, the post with all the bruising, if that was your doing... girllllll!!!! wtf? if it was his, you're absolutely justified in leaving him.

    xo, love from toronto

    please take care. you're in my thoughts.

  5. Great ending line. Though personally, I don't know which is worse, letting people stick their needles into you, or making sure no one ever gets the chance to hold on at all.

  6. Juliana: You are a great supporter. Thank you. Kiss kiss!
    Tywo: I guess we just have to keep on trying.
    AH: No, thank y o u.
    J: It was him, and he left me.
    Irish Chick Soup: Shutting people out.

  7. Thank you for following my blog. I've just been reading through your entries and I've got to say, you're a very deep writer - And an inspirational one too. I hope you are well and stay safe.

    All the best,

    Sophie xx

  8. Its true,such people never disappear.

  9. ohhh i am SO glad you said that! after sending that comment i suddenly felt very very creepy and stalkerish. the second paragraph of this post was for you:

    in truth, i adore your blog and i think you're amazing and i'm too intrigued by proximity: knowing someone on blogger and living in the same city (i.e., same small section of city!) and knowing they're out there walking the streets and they could be that person you bumped into yesterday, or stood in line behind...

    anyway if you don't think i'm creepy and stalkerish or even creepish and stalkery, you can republish that comment. :D

    xx x

  10. I can't republish it babe, it's gone!! =(
    And for the love of God, your nor creepish or stalkery! I really like the way you think!!


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