Tuesday, February 2, 2010

words 1

"I love you" yes sure I believe you, you have never lied to me before right?

Buuuuut no, love must mean something else in your world becuse when you love someone Benjamin you can never do to them what you did to me.

We you love someone, fuck everything else.

Just fuck it.

And yes I do actually think I should do that now all though you are so desperately beautiful.

I can not stand I love you Signe..but..but..but..but...

I can't stand it and I can't wait for you, I can't be destroyed.

You destroy me. I let you. Don't think anything else, you have no power over me, I am strong everyone says that.

I'm strong and precious I know it and pretty soon I'll be even more beautiful, and even lovelier. You will not be able to say no. You will say ohGodwhatdidIdoI'msosorry

yes you will change your mind and hate yourself because you crushed me for no reason when "you really just want to love".

Then THEN when I am beautiful, you will know everything I think about at night and then you'll want me but



Den gubben går inte

På ren svenska.


  1. sTor JäVlA kRaM aLl KäRlEk TiLL diG!

  2. I'm really sorry.. I hate things like that!

    You're swedish? :D That's awesome, "stora bror"!

  3. Yes Im swedish.
    Store bror? Big brother?

  4. Sweden is called Norway's big brother or something.. Because of the union I think.. Sorry if I sounded like a werido xD

  5. I love every one of those pictures!


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