Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Someone, I said, Someone.

I miss someone to lay beside me.
Now I have no one to compare heartbeat with. (Mine fast, his slow)
Don't get me wrong.
I don't want him (you) to come back.
It's just facts.

And another thing, I think I have cancer.
Feels like it.
It's hurts everywhere.
Skin, muscles, fat, bones, eyes.
I don't know how cancer feels.
But I'm guessing it feels like this.


  1. Thanks for following! (do you speak spanish? I'm asking because I see you're in LA and my blog is in Spanish so I found it interesting xD)

    Hope you cheer up, girl! :)

  2. You should go to a doctor, and have a test.

    or whatever it is doctors actually do, these days. Hurting Everywhere, I'm Sure, Is a Symptom of Lots of Things.

    See a Doctor. Because we care (and it sounds like you've got people down your end of the internet who care too).

  3. Costanza: No, I don't speak spanish. I just liked your blog anyway. And also, theres google translate. Thank God for that.
    Bella: Thank you for your concern. But I'm sure I'm alright.


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