Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dark sides of Facebook

----- Our chat on Wed, 10/28/09 12:11 AM -----
ramzi (11:59 PM): wat sour naim
Signe (11:59 PM): Who are you?
ramzi (11:59 PM): fain
Signe (12:00 AM): what do you want?
ramzi (12:00 AM): ay louve you
Signe (12:01 AM): That is very weird.
ramzi (12:02 AM): juste we can talk more
ramzi (12:02 AM): i think that y really like me
ramzi (12:02 AM): when y haven't problem
Signe (12:02 AM): And why is that?
Signe (12:02 AM): Problem?
Signe (12:04 AM): You are adding random people on yahoo mail and tell them that you love them.
Signe (12:04 AM): Why do you do that?
Signe (12:04 AM): Don't you have real people in france?
ramzi (12:05 AM): y think that i like go to frensh or i say this words to the all world in the tchat ? y are so incorrect i tel u something
ramzi (12:06 AM): about your talking $
Signe (12:06 AM): Why do you say it to me then?
ramzi (12:06 AM): i'm not a joking person
ramzi (12:07 AM): i'm so serieus
Signe (12:07 AM): That's great
ramzi (12:08 AM): so i tell y that y u like me
Signe (12:08 AM): But I have never met you. Ever.
Signe (12:09 AM): How did you find me?
ramzi (12:09 AM): i find y sooooo great
ramzi (12:10 AM): and y can't ask me why
Signe (12:10 AM): My question is, where did you find my email?
ramzi (12:11 AM): in facebook
Signe (12:11 AM): I see
Signe (12:18 AM): Well then, I hope you have a nice life.
ramzi (12:19 AM): yes i'm a rich
ramzi (12:19 AM): i work in the petrol
Signe (12:20 AM): In the petrol? Hope your not a smoker then.
ramzi (12:21 AM): loool
ramzi (12:22 AM): no i'm a smoker
ramzi (12:22 AM):
ramzi (12:22 AM): but i don't smoke when i work
ramzi (12:22 AM): i smoke when i talk with y
ramzi (12:22 AM): sweety
Signe (12:23 AM): I'm really not that sweet.
ramzi (12:23 AM): yes sweety
ramzi (12:23 AM): how old are y
Signe (12:24 AM): 19, I'm guessing you are older, and a man, and single. And that English is not your first language.
Signe (12:29 AM): Well, great chatting with you Ramzi. Good luck to you. Vi ses i Valhall.


  1. You gotta love all those sick people in this very sick world! Hahahahaha!

  2. oh the woes of making friends in cyberspace ...

  3. lol soooo weird! i get those frm time to time on my aim. and they always get mad when i stop responding. haahah


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