Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Would be my sweetest day

Hey dad.
I really miss you.
Mum says I look like you.
That our eyes gets the same color of black when we get angry.
I don't know what that means.

Hey dad.
Why did you die?
The guys in school said you left because I was so ugly and that you did not want me.
Was that really the reason?
Did you fled from me?

Why didn't you haunt my classmates like the ghost in The Grudge?
I used to daydream about you riding in on a white horse, headless of course, slashing them into blood porridge with an ax.
Still do.


  1. Hello there,

    I very much enjoyed your blog!
    Please come and visit mine too!!

  2. beautiful pictures, but dad's r not as good as they seem in dreams I'm afraid...

  3. Aaw, so sad :( I could try that ax thing if you like, only horses are not my best friends.

  4. I love what you do with words.

    Love Grace.

  5. och nu följer ja dig kiddo! l.o.v.e - "oroshjärta"


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