Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Payback and bitchslaps

I should be sleeping by now but can't, and this nuisance to my health brings me to believe somethings is wrong.
Which of course makes me more upset while discontinuing any and all tries to sleep.
But less trying and more doing, you might argue.

Anyways, I could as well write off some thoughts of that bitch on my audition last week.
I was given a few lines and a simple instruction.
When I entered the room it was this jury - four men and two women behind a table.
I did my thing with the lines and the grandmother out on the righ wing side just said: Thank you for your participation, we'll call you in a couple of days.
No feedback, no information, no nothing.
I wanted to give her the evil eye and a "you talkin' to me, be-yatch!?" but I can't let those things happen.
Any audition, any chance might be my step into fame and success and I won't even trip on the bodies I will step over in order to get what I want.

So. No beyatch-yelling. But anyway. On this blog, bitch won't hear me screaming. BITCH!

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