Monday, October 19, 2009

Demand and conquer

Control. I am.
In control.
I demand, and conquer, step by step.

However, and I will only explain this once,
I like being in control.
It's a chosen path.
Beaten down by will.
My will.

If you are surfing this big wave of life... you can't stop the motion forward.
But you can control the board. And choose where on the wave you want to ride.
So it has to be a motion in harmony, like yin and yang.
If you loose control, life will drown you.
If you keep too tight control, you won't have energy enough to reach the top.
So, it's all about flow control. Body and mind in a steady flow.
And maintaining it by taking precious care of the body, and mind.

Therefore: continuing the fast whilst keeping Flora unknowing and doing some extra yoga.

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