Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween and A Junction Party

I was almost hit by a car today.
Damn thing wouldn't have happened if I didn't have to walk everywhere.
I really need to get a ride.
This is getting redicilous.
The walking.

Soon is Halloween, and it's crazy here.
But more important, it's some kind of street festival coming up.
Flora's been talking about it like it's the party of the year but I'm not that sure.
However there's buzz even among the uber-chick indie bitches drinking my coffee at Floras.
So I guess it's gonna be nice concerts, at least.
See u there?


  1. Jag kan tyvär inte göra någonting åt varken live grejen eller all reklam på bloggen, det är devotes egna. :)

  2. I love walking, but my aunt won`t let me walk outside out garden...

  3. SaraJ:
    oh. oh shit. I guess the lady and me both breathe in a little too much caffeine the days...
    it was already... hahahaha omigod. I feel so stupid.

    That sounds crazy. You oughta get the hell out of there. Something like mr governor S. would say it: YO HAF TAH GET AUT AUF DERE!
    Get your driver to drop you off for a coffee. I'll mail you the name of the place if you want to.

  4. wow, you should at least get yourself a scooter. Scooters rule. They're all over Barcelona, why not LA? Still you're the one being run over, it's perfect!


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