Thursday, October 22, 2009

mum, always mum.

Hey mum.
I like it here.
It's very sunny and the people are more open here then back "home".
Kind of.

I made some friends, I've linked most of them here if you want to check them out, but also my boss Flora and the regulars at the café.
They are a bunch of crazys and their lifes are very different from mine but I do like them.

One thing that bugs me is that people think I'm sick again.
You loose a few pounds and suddenly your a anorexic.
It's like a curse.
I will never understand why it's so irritating for people that I don't eat much.
I mean, it's good for the environment, it's cheap, and it makes me look better.
Also I don't get my period, so I never need to buy tampons and I won't get pregnant (not that I would either way but you know..)

God, I'm not even that skinny.

Would be great if you came here to visit me soon.
I really miss you and you would like it here.
To be honest, sometimes it feels like I can't do this without you.



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