Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Early bird gets nothing but yoga

Arrrgh... I'm awake. Already.
It's just not right to be up at this time of the day.
If it isn't for something important, of course then I'd had to stay awake all life thru.
Because life is important.

Anyways. The fast is going on, I heard some people start getting nauseaus from feeling the scent of green tea after a fast but I just keep liking it better.
It's such a relief for body and mind, this tea.
I get so tired from fasting, my body won't agree with my demands of it.
Poor Flora keeps telling me I need to eat more, discreetly but strategically placing her lovely efforts from her kitchen in the small fridge in the café backroom.
I find it somewhat hilarious that she's trying to hide animal stuff inside what appears to be vegetarian food - "It's for your own good!". Sweet old lady.
Now it's time for the first hour of yoga.
One hour in the morning to get the day started, half an hour in the evening to lay me down softly.


  1. never been able to practice yoga without a feeling of naucea..

  2. oh what a lovely picture thanks
    your pictures are always so beautiful


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